Friday, May 2, 2008

Not-so-Serious Q&A (Bikol Republika)

Questions Often Asked:

Is Bikol Republika (BR) a secessionist movement?

BR is a state of mind, a cultural transformation continuum (conventionally based upon the interdependence of consciousness, body, and environment). BR works with the principle that real development begins with our concept of sadire ("self"). Therefore, whether you are physically based in Bikol, in other regions of the Philippines, in other countries, anywhere in the world or surfing in other planets of the universe, you are in Bikol Republika as far as you, as a true-blue, hot spicy and crunchy BR citizen are concerned.

What ideology does BR espouse?

BR is high on tolerance for various interpretations and perspectives. A tolerance borne out of respect and humor. BR respects individual beliefs and disbeliefs, ideas and oddeas, values and valuables, worldviews and needlepoint views, orientation and disorientation, including individual eccentricities or out-of-this-world-mind-bends. In other words, whether or not you believe in a personal or universal god (gods), individualism, communism, capitalism, any ism, or just "sm" (segunda-mano), we believe you. As long as you don’t stick a gun at our heads — we swear not to speak French and grow biased earwax.

How is one to fulfill one’s social and political commitments as a BR citizen?

Your creativity and humor will do. Your ability to have fun or the light touch of appreciation for reality is given premium in BR. Please shove this into your hot sili brains: cultural evolution starts with sadire. You can begin with any pursuit or all activities mentioned below.

These are BR wings towards cultural transformation:

1. BR citizens and adherents  are required to study and understand pobolusion at heart. Pobolusion is the extra virgin coconut oil to combat complacency, ignorance, greed, despondency, bonsai ego-centered habits, to dry skin and hair. Attend under-the tree-/-stars dialogues or conversations to learn more.

2. She/he should also study, conduct research, observe, analyse, reflect, contemplate, interpret, document any and all data and information, including bits and pieces of tsismis, tsikahan, chitchat, kun ano pa man, related to Bikol truths, and feed these into the BR data bank for the education and reference of all BR citizens. Think globally and act Bikol!

3. A BR citizen is required to inform his family, love ones, or friends that he or she is a citizen of Bikol Republika and explain to them what it is all about. One can sing it out, sketch it, use tigsik or rawit-dawit, do a full-scale theater performance, or somersaults, a strip act, anything. Share what you know to people you love with art or good deeds.

4. Massive multimedia information and education campaign for any BR/related activities.

5. Wide-range colloquium on the Bikol Republika, pobolusion, and priority issues. These are open to all Bikol sectors belonging to all social sectors and guimata levels.

6. Set up BR registration, donation, and action centers in key towns and cities of Bikol Republika. (Quality invisible ink is a must for signature signing; only available at BR main headquarters.) 

7.  If you're a BR citizen in good standing for three years, you can apply for a passport at a BR Consulate Office (addresses will be released soon).

8. Forge diplomatic ties with the other Bikol provinces and other Republikas of the country as well as with:

-Republic of Vanwhat-u
-Somaleland Republic
-American Indianpana Movement
-Okeynawan Independence Movement
-Oduwa People’s Congress
-Ayno Movement
-Suda-Ines Liberation Movement
-Basquit Nationalist Independence Movement
-Tikbet Independence Movement
-Textako Republic
-Smile Republic (he,he,he)
-Ilocus Republic (under study)
-Mercos Religious Cult (under review)
-Bottoms Up Republic (we’ll drink to that) and
-United Creative Beings of Peaceful Galaxies

9. Use po when looking at the world (even at women and men).

10. Practice mindful thoughts and actions. If you can, do daily meditation, contemplation, or habol. Avoid borrowing money and things from anyone, including parents, kins, sangraan or bombay. Avoid or refrain from unhealthy thoughts, activities, foods, drinks, and environments.

11. Help BR cultural masochists to create and establish its web site.

Here are some gut issues that all BR citizens must face to resolve:

· Bonsai Worldviews
· Bikol Energy, Power Alternatives, and Management Autonomy
· Poverty
· Agriculture and Ecoculture
· Food Security
· Education and Schooling
· Social Services, Taxes, and Expense Priorities
· Health, Preventive Medicine, Disease and Illness
· Capitalism, Federalism, Bioregionalism, or What?
· Population Control?
· Environmental Degradation
· Your Suggestions or New Designs or Inventions

Who whiphands Bikol Republika?

Asug Mayupo from the world of the unseen is our spiritual leader. Taonglipod Heneral Mendes is the chief of staff. Assisting them from the world of the seen, are a number of Bikol cultural masochists.

Is BR legit?

BR is a member in good standing of the Federation of Virtual Micro-States, the Intergalactic Society of Creative Creatures for Peace, UFO (United Flying Organisms) of the Universe, Universes' Science Glitz Development Association, and of the United Under-Arm Security International. The Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission cannot classify or pigeonhole BR — that’s how legit it is.

How far is BR committed to history?

As far as we dare. How far would you like to go?

How far can a BR adherent/citizen retain any sense of transcendent value?

How honest and lucid is your commitment to reality? Do you have the fearlessness to face and live it?

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