Saturday, April 26, 2008

BR FastPrimer (Seriously)

Bikol Republika is a state of mind. Bikol Republika is composed of the collective sadire (self) in a continuing endeavor to extend it's sense of self as human being and as a Filipino. Bikol Republika then aspires to the realisation of happiness because it is the Bikolian's nature (as of all human beings) and that is best survived in wholeness — with regional, national,global, universal, to Kosmos awareness.

But before we, Bikolians, can become true happy beings, we should first understand where we are now.

For the particulars: We believe that we must have a well-grounded respect in our heritage — awareness of sadire (individual and collective) in the past and most important, at the present, and what our legacy is and how to continue to weave the threads we have in the present light. In other words, how do we live and face the moment in relation to our wisdom as Bikol, Filipino, as human beings in the universe’s 16th billion year of evolution?

This is part of our sense of purpose, obligation, commitment, essential gesture, or gift as human being and citizen who adapt integral awareness, freedom, creativity, compassion, peace, love, and who enjoys honest, just, decent and good government.

At the same time, we believe that our Po potentials can grow and flourish at this eon. For Po is the reason that you and I express po deeply, know that everything change, everything is interdependent, earthworms have nine hearts, that anti-matter or Bikol Republika exist.

Bikol Republika is also a sentiment borne out of centuries of government neglect and indifference, as well as the Bikolians’ own neglect and indifference with the resultant powerlessness, despair, widespread poverty, and ignorance. We say, no more, and desire change. So that the growing guimata or consciousness among most Bikolians is on, in this day of globalisation and integration, to assume our place in the formation of a common future as responsible conscious human beings, mindful of IS or All, not merely my/mine or of/for a region or the human community alone.

First-Phase-Objectives of Bikol Republika:

1. To initiate and promote a genuine Bikol cultural transformation.

2. To create awareness among Bikolians about development in connection with their economic, social, political, cultural, and natural milieu as well as compel them to action.

3. (Your own suggestions.)

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